Elementary (K-5)

The Science Framework for California Public Schools bundles the Performance Expectations for each K-5 grade level into Instructional Segments. Instructional Segments are presented as one way to organize (bundle) Performance Expectations into teachable units.

The NGSS Performance Expectations were originally organized by either disciplinary core idea or topic arrangement. GoogleDocs of each arrangement are available by clicking on the grade level links in the corresponding sections below.

CA NGSS Instructional Segment Arrangement - Prepublication Version

The K-5 California Instructional Segments Overview contains excerpts from Chapters 3 and 4 of the Framework and provides a short description and an overview of the expected student learning in grades K-5. The complete chapters can be accessed here.

The grade level documents linked below are NGSS Standards Pages created to match the California Instructional Segments. Each document includes the Performance Expectations included in the Instructional Segments, Foundations Boxes with the bulleted component ideas for each of the three dimensions, and Connections to the Environmental Principles and Concepts, Common Core ELA and Math, and English Language Development standards.


NGSS Disciplinary Core Idea Arrangement



NGSS Topic Arrangement